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  • Do you board?
    No. We are a same-day bathing and grooming facility. We do not pet sit or operate a kennel. We will happily recommend local services, though!
  • Can I bring my own shampoo and conditioner?
    Yes. We're here to do it your way, whether you choose full service grooming or our self-service bathing. Either way, feel free to bring products you prefer using on your pet. We are not responsible for allergies, irritations, or other problems that may arise from the use of anything you supply.
  • Do you sell Advantage or Frontline/Plus?
    Yes, we offer the major brands of flea and tick preventatives.
  • Can I do self-service grooming?
    No. Self-service is limited to washing and drying your pet, and we do not permit do-it-yourself nail trimming or hair cutting. Of course, you can personally groom your pet prior to your self-service bathing appointment. We're happy to be part of your clean team!
  • How much is a self-service bath?
    The price varies by breed and size, as it does for full service grooming. Feel free to call ahead for pricing in advance.
  • My pet needs special handling. Can you do it?
    We like to think that ALL pets need special handling. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your pet's needs. We are experts at working with pets that are shy, scared, or otherwise not convinced that "clean is keen."
  • Why does my pet need to use the Bathe R Doggie safety leash?
    While your pet is in the tub, we require that they use our safety leash, which affixes to a special attachment in the tub. This is for your pet's protection. Any time your pet is out of the tub, we require that they be on a regular leash, for the safety and comfort of our other visitors, as well as for your pet's protection!
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