Dogs and cats need professional teeth cleaning—just like humans do. 

Bathe R Doggie has teamed up with Smile Specialist, Inc. to offer veterinarian-supervised, non-anesthetic, ultrasonic teeth cleaning on the third Wednesday and third Sunday of each month.

The initial cleaning is $145.00 and biannual follow-ups are $125.00 (up to six months after the initial cleaning). If needed, the veterinarian may prescribe quarterly follow-up cleaning at  $80 per session.

Call 626/795-7777 to make an appointment.

Why do pets need dental cleaning?

Bacteria and plaque-forming foods can harden into tartar which can lead to gum disease, tooth loss and other health problems.

Why is a veterinarian involved?

Teeth cleaning is a medical procedure and California state law now requires that a licensed veterinarian supervise the procedure. The Smile Specialist veterinarian examines your pet prior to the cleaning in order to access your pet’s general health. Your dog or cat is in good hands!

What if my pet is uncomfortable with the ultrasonic device?

Most pets are very cooperative during ultrasonic cleaning.  If your pet will not comply, the hygienist will use traditional scaling tools to remove tartar build-up.  Either way, the non-anesthetic cleaning will protect your pet’s dental health.

For additional information, read about dental care on the ASPCA website.