**We are now open for self-service!  In order for us to meet COVID-19 mandates we ask that you call/text to schedule an appointment.  While in the store we ask that masks be worn and that social distancing is practiced.  We are limiting the number of customers per tub to one person during  Self-Service.  Thank you for your support and business** 

Self-Service Baths

For those pet owners who like to do it themselves.  Our Self-Service enables you to have all the space and supplies needed to do it yourself.  Self-Service includes:

  • Stainless steel washtubs with easy-access ramps
  • Regular dog shampoo, towels, and brushes
  • Professional blow-dryer’s
  • An apron for your dryness
  • A post-bath treat for your pet

Self-serve baths do not require appointments. It is an excellent option for owners looking to keep their at-home bathrooms and spaces clean. If you need, you can also ask us to trim nails, clean ears, and express anal glands before your dog’s bath for an additional charge.

*We treat both cats and dogs. Call us today to learn more about our services, and don’t forget to ask us about teeth cleaning. Dental care is very important for all pets!

Self Service Details

  • Small dogs under 30 lbs - $12.99
  • Medium dogs between 31 - 60 lbs - $13.99
  • Larger dogs 61lbs and over - $15.99
Look at that happy face! I mean who really likes their picture being taken while bathing