Questions? We have answers!

If you have a question that’s not answered on this page, please email us and we’ll get back to you.

Do you board?
No. We are a same-day bathing and grooming facility. We do not pet sit or operate a kennel. We are happy to recommend local services, however.

Can I bring my own shampoo and conditioner?
Yes. We’re here to do it your way, whether you use our full-service or our self-service. Either way, feel free to bring whatever you prefer using on your pet. We obviously are not responsible for allergies, irritations, or other problems that arise from the use of anything you supply.

Do you pick up and drop?
Yes, currently we offer shuttle service for pets within 4 miles of the shop address.  By appointment only Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s.  Our driver will pick up your pet, and after the grooming service is complete, will drive your pet back to the pick up location.   Schedule your pets shuttle service by calling, texting or emailing us your request Wednesday-Sunday 7:30am-4:30pm.

Do you sell Advantage or Frontline/Plus?
Yes, we offer the major brands of flea and tick preventives and we’ll be glad to show you the proper application technique so you can obtain maximum benefit.

Can I do self-service grooming?
No. Self-service is limited to washing and drying your pet, so no do-it-yourself nail trimming or hair cutting is permitted. However, you are welcome to have us trim your pet’s nails, clean his/her ears, and or express the anal gland before you bathe your pet. We’re happy to be part of your clean team!

How much is a self-service bath?
The price varies by breed and size. The same is true for full service. Feel free to call for pricing on your pet.

My pet needs special handling. Can you do it?
We like to think that ALL pets need special handling. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate whatever needs you or your pet have. We’re experts at working with pet’s that are shy, scared, or otherwise not yet convinced that “Clean is keen.”

Why do I have to use the bathe R doggie safety leash?
While your pet is in the tub, we require that they be in our safety leash, which affixes to a special attachment on the tub. This is for your pet’s protection. Any time your pet is out of the tub, we require that they be on a regular leash. This is for the safety and comfort of other pet and human visitors, as well as for the protection of you and your pet.