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Warm weather reminders

Spring and summer  in the San Gabriel Valley can be hot—especially if you’re covered in fur. Many dogs feel better with shorter cuts in warm weather so stop by as often as necessary to keep your canine comfortable.

Here are more reminders:

• “7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool During Hot Weather” (Live Science)

• “Keep Pets Safe in the Heat” (The Humane Society)

• “Keeping Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather” (

The Wiggle Waggle Walk is Sept. 25

The Wiggle Waggle Walk to benefit the Pasadena Humane Society is set for Sunday, September 25 at the Rose Bowl.  To find out how to participate or donate, visit the PHS website.  We’re supporting The Away Team, a group of dog owners who walk the route in Star Trek uniforms.  (As do their dogs! ) Woof! Keep readin’

Paging Dr. Barkman…

Altadena is home to an expert on canine genetics and domestication. Jane Brackman, aka “Dr. Barkman,” has been studying dogs for decades and has given lectures at wildlife facilities, zoos, libraries and breed club meetings. She is the co-author of The Dog in the Picture and has written articles for The Bark and other publications.… Woof! Keep readin’