Anesthesia-FREE Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is VERY important for the overall health of your pet.  bRd offers anesthesia-FREE teeth cleaning every 3rd Wednesday and Sunday of the month by appointment ONLY.  Make your appointment today….

Warm weather reminders

Spring and summer  in the San Gabriel Valley can be hot—especially if you’re covered in fur. Many dogs feel better with shorter cuts in warm weather so stop by as often as necessary to keep your canine comfortable. Here are more reminders: • “7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Cool During Hot Weather” (Live Science)… Woof! Keep readin’

What is canine cognitive dysfunction?

If your senior dog is exhibiting odd behavior like getting lost in your home, trembling for no reason, forgetting house training, barking (or not barking) a lot more than usual, and forgetting basic commands, he might have canine cognitive dysfunction. Often called “doggie dementia,” CCD can be heartbreaking to see unfold. But there are treatments… Woof! Keep readin’