Every day is “bring your dog to work” day!

Michael and Renette spent decades working in the information technology (IT) field, but always planned to start their own business one day. They looked at a lot of possibilities, but decided to focus on something they both loved: dogs!

In the course of his research, Michael found a self-serve dog wash franchise which seemed to offer the kind of support first-time business owners would need. The shop opened in February 2001, but they decided to “un-franchise” 18 months later and change the name to Bathe R Doggie.

After more than a decade in the same Pasadena location, Michael and Renette are very happy with their new career. “We have a great business. Our customers love their pets and are wonderful to work with. Plus, we get to bring our dogs to work,” says Michael.

They are parents to one human child and two Canine-Americans including Thumbelina, a black Pug and Makena, a Shar Pei/Boxer mix.